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GENERAL CONSULTING | Range of Projects

arrow   Comprehensive Management Study

We participated in a comprehensive management study of the City of New Orleans Division of Housing and Neighborhood Development. Our study encompassed the organizational, financial, operational and administrative aspects of the Department. Our final report and recommendations led to significant organizational restructuring and realignment, which resulted in increased efficiency and improved delivery of services.

arrow   Jefferson Parish Community Action Program

This agency is responsible for the administration of the Department of Energy programs, as well as certain Department of Education and Commerce programs operated within Jefferson Parish of Louisiana. We were engaged to perform an operational and performance audit of the Agency in order to develop methods and recommendations to improve efficiency and delivery program services. This is the first review of this kind for the agency, which is funded at $4 million.

arrow   Jefferson Parish Sewer System

Our firm has served as auditors for the Jefferson Parish Sewer System for the past five years. The sewer system has assets approaching $500 million. As auditors, we have reviewed many aspects of the sewer system’s operations and financial systems. Accordingly, we have gained a working knowledge of the industry and requirements.